2024 Helen Kerridge

Helen Kerridge

Helen’s History

Helen’s forty year career spans across work as an artist, photographic retoucher, illustrator, and arts tutor. Her work, known for its meticulous precision and deep symbolism, has been featured in both private and public collections throughout New Zealand.

She began her career as a teenager at a professional photographic printing laboratory in Auckland, pre-computers and Photoshop, where seamless artwork was manually implemented to alter images. Her early career took her to America where she specialised in retouching portrait photographs for exhibitions. The importance of flawlessly altering prints later led to the development of her photo-realism.

Throughout her career Kerridge has worked in a variety of genres including Cubism, Impressionism, and landscape painting. She spent time in Florence studying portraiture in the sight size technique of John Singer Sargent. Of the many areas she has delved into, still life continues to resonate and return to her oeuvre.

Painting in both acrylics and oils, Helen is well known for her photo-realism work. She also creates imaginative still life pieces inspired by the Old Dutch Masters, featuring Kereru feasting on tables laden with produce

Gallery Representation
Muse Gallery, Havelock North

Instagram – @kerridgehelen

Josh the Artist

His landscapes often capture the geography of the heart – the places we call ‘ours’ and that define who we are and where we are from. Depictions of the scenes we know and love, that help connect us all through a shared memory of place.
Josh believes in the stories that places can tell. The scenes painted become an access point for memories that bring with them the comfort of a familiar face. 

Profile courtesy of Josh Lancaster