2023 Artist Josh Lancaster

Josh Lancaster

NZ landscape painter, Hawke’s Bay NZ.

Josh’s History

osh graduated with first-class honours from Massey University School of Design Wellington in 2000.

The years that followed surmounted in a highly-awarded advertising career alongside life-long creative partner Jamie Hitchcock.

Despite the nice lunches and overseas junkets, Josh has always wanted to paint pictures for a job. So in 2015 he pulled the pin on advertising and, with brush in hand, headed to Hawke’s Bay to have a proper go at it.

He now paints from his home studio in Havelock North each day where he lives with his 3 boys.

His iconic and sentimental subject matter, and bold evocative style has become quite sought after since he first began painting in 2008.
He has held 8 sell-out solo shows across the country, and the wait time for a commission is almost 2 years.

His MT ERIN APPLE was a fan favourite in the 2022 Big Apple Project – selling at auction each for over $20,000

Josh the Artist

His landscapes often capture the geography of the heart – the places we call ‘ours’ and that define who we are and where we are from. Depictions of the scenes we know and love, that help connect us all through a shared memory of place.
Josh believes in the stories that places can tell. The scenes painted become an access point for memories that bring with them the comfort of a familiar face. 

Profile courtesy of Josh Lancaster