2023 Artist Josh Lancaster

Established in 1991, The Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction is the oldest wine auction in New Zealand.

The Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction presents one major artwork by a feature artist each year.

The Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction presents one major artwork by a feature artist each year.

Josh Lancaster 
NZ landscape painter, Hawke’s Bay NZ.
Josh graduated with first-class honours from Massey University School of Design Wellington in 2000.
The years that followed surmounted in a highly-awarded advertising career alongside life-long creative partner Jamie Hitchcock. 
Despite the nice lunches and overseas junkets, Josh has always wanted to paint pictures for a job. So in 2015 he pulled the pin on advertising and, with brush in hand, headed to Hawke’s Bay to have a proper go at it. 
He now paints from his home studio in Havelock North each day where he lives with his 3 boys.
His iconic and sentimental subject matter, and bold evocative style has become quite sought after since he first began painting in 2008.  
He has held 8 sell-out solo shows across the country, and the wait time for a commission is almost 2 years.
His MT ERIN APPLE was a fan favourite in the 2022 Big Apple Project – selling at auction each for over $20,000

Josh the Artist

His landscapes often capture the geography of the heart – the places we call ‘ours’ and that define who we are and where we are from. Depictions of the scenes we know and love, that help connect us all through a shared memory of place.
Josh believes in the stories that places can tell. The scenes painted become an access point for memories that bring with them the comfort of a familiar face. 

Profile courtesy of Josh Lancaster

Feature Art 2023

TE MATA WOOLSHED, 2023 Acrylic on canvas, 1550x1250mm

This large piece features the historic and iconic Te Mata woolshed floating amongst sea of green. It is the latest in a series of local woolsheds to emerge from Josh’s easel. In typical Lancaster style the familiar rural architecture becomes heroic, a giant steel beast emerging from lush vines. Behind it the view looking rolls out towards Napier and the ocean beyond.

 ‘I love an old wool shed – they were always magical places to visit as a kid… signposted to the senses by warm wafts of lanolin mingling merrily with honk of sheep poo’.

 This piece will be auctioned at the annual Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction, on Saturday 16th September 2023, all proceeds will be gifted to Cranford Hospice. Get your tickets now and register to bid for this amazing piece.

Bonus Lot 2023

TE AWA, 2021. Signed, numbered & framed limited edition 1/15 print by Josh Lancaster

This is a piece from Josh Lancaster’s sell-out solo show in Havelock North ‘BITS OF THE BAY’  in 2018. It features the iconic ‘self-oiler’ wind turbine sitting outside Te Awa Estate in the late afternoon sun. ‘A marker for remembering special times, special people, special occasions. And most probably a special wine’. 

 This print has been paired with a special collection of 6 wines from Te Awa Estate and forms a unique piece of Hawke’s Bay winegrowing history as neither the windmill pictured nor the winery are in existence today. 

This Bonus Lot will be auctioned at the Preview & Tasting event for this year’s Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction, on Wednesday 16th August 2023. All proceeds will be gifted to Cranford Hospice. Get your tickets now and pre-register to bid.