Conditions of Sale by Auction

  1. Any person wanting to bid must have registered, received a bidder number and have agreed to the Conditions of Sale by Auction.
  2. Bidder registrations are accepted prior to the start of the Auction as specified in your auction tickets and the event details on the website.
  3. Phone bidding is by prior arrangement only. Please call Annabel Tapley-Smith, 0274 306 373 to make arrangements. NOTE: There are limited numbers of phone bidders that can be accommodated.
  4. Absentee and phone bidder registration must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the auction event.
  5. The auctioneer has the right to refuse any bid. Should any dispute arise then, at the auctioneer’s discretion, the lot may be put up for sale again at the preceding bid or the auctioneer may declare the purchaser.
  6. All bids shall be at a per lot price.
  7. No person shall advance less at a bid than the sum nominated by the auctioneer and no bid shall be retracted after the fall of the hammer.
  8. The highest bidder will be the purchaser on the ‘hammer price’.
  9. On the fall of the hammer the highest bidder has entered into an unconditional contract to purchase the goods and shall immediately, upon the conclusion of the Auction, pay the full hammer price.
  10. The full risk for goods including (but not limited to) their storage and delivery passes to the purchaser upon the fall of the hammer.
  11. The Auctioneer accepts no liability whatsoever for the goods.
  12. The purchaser shall not be entitled to reproduce any work.
  13. No intellectual; property in any goods sold shall pass to the purchaser.
  14. Unless specifically noted in the lot description barrel lots do not include the barrel.
  15. All barrel formats (quarter, half, full), when bottled, will be labelled with a Hawkes Bay Wine Auction label, fulfilling legal requirements for labelling.
  16. Barrel formats may be bottled in Magnums only by prior permission of the winemaker. In some instances, there may be additional cost of bottling to Magnums.
  17. Any lots not paid for at the conclusion of the sale, except for the absentee bids may be cancelled.
  18. No goods are to be removed while the auction/selling is on progress.
  19. Goods may be uplifted after the auction; provided payment in full has been made.
  20. Storage and delivery charges may be made for wine not uplifted immediately following the auction and for which sufficient delivery instructions have not been given.



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